Our Team


My Name is Darko Vagenhofer. I am 51 years old. I live in Switzerland.

The Passion in Music is based from my Childhood.


My Grandpa often takes me to help

in Restoring Old Vintage Stuff. Airplane Gears. Automobile Motors. Old Tube Radios..


I am Today Engineer for digital Large Print Systems in the Industry.

I am work for the Number 1 Company here in Digital Print System as Instructor,

Customer Helpdesk and Installation Man :)


35 Years ogo, I find that my old Speakers are sounding not right to my Ears.

So.. I began to search "better One's". This Searching Phase is still here.

Maybe more sofisticated than in the Start.. :)


In this Years, my Opinions are:

1. It must sound good Here, where I am.

2. It must sound so good, that I can forget, that only a Replay, Playback 

fill the Room.

3. I wanna  "see" the Band, the Musicians.

4. My Foot should tap on the Floor

in the  of the Music. :)


A lot of Gear was go trough my Hands and at my Ears..

My Best Experience is always, that a good Match sounds good even Today

like 50 Years ago.

The Music may be bad, so often,


A golden Match in the Setup is the best Way, to get the Thing sounding "right".


Please, You are welcome to write and contact Us for: